Golden Monkey Extracts – 210mg Sublingual THC Spray


Golden Monkey Extracts (GME) sublingual spray blends high-grade cannabis distillate, pure grained carrier alcohol, natural colour, and peppermint essential oils.

Easy to use, discreet, and convenient, Golden Monkey Extracts provides an alternative, smoke-free method to consume medicine. It delivers a fresh peppermint spray of cannabis oil from a 15 ml bottle. Each bottle of GME’s sublingual spray contains 210mg of THC, guaranteeing a consistent dosage of 3mg of THC every time.

Golden Monkey Extracts – 210MG Sublingual THC Spray is traditionally used for freshening breath and helping cannabis consumption. This fast-acting and discreet spray is a perfect option to micro-dose your THC usage. Alternatively, this spray can be used on foods or beverages. Please shake well before using.

Onset time: 30 to 45 minutes. Wait for one to two hours before consuming more after the initial dose. Elixir is easy to access and use while allowing you to micro-dose. Start low and go slow, increasing your dose gradually.

Please note: This product contains grain alcohol.


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