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Uaya Botanicals [why·ya] is an innovative wellness company dedicated to promoting a healthy and happy lifestyle. We’re advocates of everything CBD, we understand through experience and collective knowledge the benefits of CBD and the impact it can have on millions of lives. Driven by the belief in natural medicine, our team is passionate about creating and providing a better future for our loved ones. Improve your health, improve your life. The Uaya way.

Full-spectrum CBD products contain all the natural chemicals found in the hemp plant, including the many types of cannabinoids and terpenes. This can result in the entourage effect mentioned above to help your body better absorb and use CBD.

Ingredients contained within Full Spectrum CBD may include essential vitamins and minerals, plant-based protein fiber, beneficial fatty acids, chlorophyll, terpenes, and flavonoids. At times these ingredients may simply be labeled as “hemp oil extract,” but this term is somewhat ambiguous because you don’t know how much CBD you’re really getting. For this reason, it’s important that you ensure your full-spectrum CBD oil is tested by a lab to help you understand what’s in it.

Full-spectrum CBD may be the right choice if you want:

  • The benefits of the entourage effect. Since the amount of THC will be less than 0.3 percent, you shouldn’t experience any of THC’s psychoactive effects.
  • An earthy flavor profile. You can find flavored full-spectrum products, but unflavored varieties will have a slightly earthy taste.
  • A less refined product. CBD isolate has to go through more refining than full-spectrum THC.

Available Variations:

Full Spectrum CBD 1500mg

Our “gold standard” co2 extracted full spectrum oil contains many of the essential cannabinoids and terpenes that help create the “entourage effect”.  These compounds work synergistically together and are said to have greater therapeutic benefits than just CBD on its own.

Ingredients: Full Spectrum CO2 Extract, Organic MCT Oil, Natural Terpenes.


2:1 CBD: THC (Full Spectrum)

Made with the cleanest hemp distillate, our full spectrum 2:1 is sure to pack a punch to knock out even your toughest symptoms. The perfect balance of CBD to THC delivers a euphoric yet relaxing state, ideal for powerful daytime or nighttime relief.

Ingredients: Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Distillate, Organic MCT Oil, Natural terpenes.

Dosage: We recommend taking half to a full dropper (0.5-1ml) for optimal benefits. Individual results may vary. Use Daily.

Directions: Shake well. Place the desired dose underneath the tongue. Hold for 30-60 seconds then swallow.

WARNING: Please consult a physician if pregnant or breastfeeding. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place.

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