Trippy Monkey – Power Blend Capsules – 30 x 150mg – Energy

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Discover the power of fungi with our premium blend of psilocybin and non-psychoactive mushrooms. Carefully chosen for their diverse, natural benefits – such as increased vitality and immunity support – these functional mushrooms have been used for centuries to enhance everyday life.

Trippy Monkey carefully crafted each power blend with selected species to work together and promote mental and physical balance to a healthy life.

Each bottle contains 30 x 150mg capsules for a total of 4500mg. We recommend starting with a small dosage of one pill and waiting 30-60 minutes before consuming more. Vegan friendly; made with vegetable cellulose capsules.

100MG x Cordycep – Known as the “Elixir of Life” and has been used to boost vitality, endurance, respiration and oxygen delivery – giving athletes a performance edge. Studies also show that this remarkable mushroom species can help with general well-being in senior populations by enhancing circulation.

50MG x Reishi – Revered in traditional medicine as the “Mushroom of Immortality”, Reishi is full of powerful benefits. Not only does it strengthen and balance an overactive immune system but its beneficial compounds are known to improve cardiovascular health like no other! It has even been studied for its ability to act as a superior adaptogen – providing support during taxing mental or physical stressors. This mushroom brings with it far-reaching wellness possibilities that could be described by one word: immortality!

150MG x Magic blend of strain specific psilocybin cubensis.


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